What is SCL?

A growing laboratory as a startup ecosystem
in the life science field

Startup Creative Lab (SCL) is a shared lab (open lab) and office space for life science startups on the Creative Lab for Innovation in Kobe (CLIK) . Our mission is to accelerate the growth of seed and early-stage life science startups by providing the ideal R&D environment and various supports.

SCL is in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC) with pharmaceutical companies, drug discovery and regenerative medicine-related companies, research institutions, hospitals, etc.

The location is close to Osaka and Kyoto, where R&D and industry in the life science field is thriving, and Kobe Airport, which is close to SCL, provides easy access to Tokyo and major overseas cities, making it geographically ideal as a base for business development.

  1. 1

    Knowledge-based Platform of Leave a Nest

    Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. promotes the commercialization of startups that have moved in together with business collaboration, joint research, prototyping, etc., utilizing the "Knowledge-based Platform", which brings together universities, research institutions, large companies, and super factories.
  2. 2

    Introduction of "reprua", a cloud system for research promotion

    "reprua" is a cloud system that centralizes everything from purchasing and purchasing to inventory management of research reagents and consumables. The system will reduce users' paperwork as much as possible while establishing an appropriate management system.
  3. 3

    SCL Support Team

    We have established a system to facilitate R&D support and business support in cooperation with human resource companies and contracting companies. We can consult with you on recruitment of human resources, outsourcing of research, etc.
    Inner Resource, Inc.
    Japan Research Activity Support, Inc.
    Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
  4. 4

    Professional Support in Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC)

    A variety of highly specialized support is available, including consultations with people from pharmaceutical companies, cooperation with medical institutions, and PMDA pre-consultation.
  5. 5

    SCL Financing Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board provides advice to SCL tenants and potential tenants on project planning and fundraising from the perspective of investment companies and financial institutions, while considering the possibility of investment.
    Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd.
    Leave a Nest Capital Co., Ltd.
    Future Venture Capital Co.,Ltd.
    Bonds Investment Group


Floor Info

Reception Hours

Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
(counter service)

(Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for tenant companies)

Open Lab

23 Benches

Shared Office

20 Desks

Private Rooms

6 private rooms


floor plan
  • SCL Open Lab

    Open lab consisting of 4 experimental areas (260 ㎡ in total)
    Bench size: 1500 x 750 mm (maximum of 2 benches per company)
    Free use of permanent experimental equipment is available for users of the open lab.
    P2 level experiments available

    4 Experimental Areas
    Microbiology/General Preparation Room
    BSL1 Open Lab
    Microscope Room
    BSL2 Open Lab

  • Microbiology/General Preparation Room

    For microbiological manipulation and chemical preparation

    Laboratory Equipment
    ・Fume hood
    ・Biological safety cabinet
    ・Convection oven
    ・Sterilization oven
    ・Freezer (-20℃, -80℃)
    ・Laboratory refrigerator (4℃) etc...

  • BSL1 Open Lab

    For P1 level cell manipulation and analysis

    Laboratory Equipment
    ・Clean bench
    ・Biological safety cabinet
    ・Fume hood
    ・CO2 incubator
    ・Pure/ Ultrapure water production equipment
    ・Real-Time PCR System
    ・Thermal cycler system
    ・Laboratory shaker
    ・Incubator with freezer
    ・Freezer (-20℃, -80℃)
    ・Laboratory refrigerator (4℃) etc...

  • Microscope Room

    All-in-one fluorescence microscope installation

    Laboratory Equipment
    ・All-in-one fluorescence microscope with confocal imaging option
    ・Chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging system (CCD type)
    ・Multi-mode plate reader, etc...

  • BSL2 Open Lab

    P2 level experiments are possible

    Laboratory Equipment
    ・Safety cabinet
    ・Liquid nitrogen container
    ・CO2 incubator
    ・Cell counter
    ・Freezer (-20℃, -80℃)
    ・Laboratory refrigerator (4℃) etc...

  • Shared Office (SCL Office)

    Tenants' office with 20 desks (70 ㎡ in total)
    One desk per company can be rented with one lockable cabinet
    Shared multi-function printer and shredder available

  • Private Wet Lab

    38m2 private wet lab
    For more details, please refer to the website or contact to SCL management team

Facility Overview

Fees (tax not included)Benches (Open Lab): 130,000 JPY/month
Desk (Shared Office): 30,000 JPY/month
Private Wet Lab (38m2): 178,600 JPY/month
*Kobe City's rent subsidy system available.
Features of the lab・Experimental animal facility attached
・P2 level
・available 24 hours a day
・10 minutes from Kobe Airport with a public transport
Available equipment・Biological Safety Cabinet
・Fume hood
・CO2 incubator
・Hybridization incubator
・Ultra low volume spectrophotometer (Nano drop)
・Real-time PCR system
・Multi-mode plate reader
・All-in-one fluorescence microscope with confocal imaging option
・Convection Oven
・Cell Culture microscope
・Cell counter
・Pure/ Ultrapure water production equipment
・Ion Exchange Water Treatment Systems
・Electronic balances
・Laboratory Refrigerator
・Freezer (-20°C)
・Deep freezer (-80℃)
・Vortex mixer
・Clean bench
・pH meter
・Laboratory ice maker
・Thermal cycler system
・Block heater
・Chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging system (LAS)
・Water bath

“Honjo Kobe Research Center for Biomedical Innovation(HBI) Common Equipment Room” on the 6th floor of CLIK.

For more details, please refer to the website  or contact to SCL management team


  • 1Application for Interview
  • 2SCL on-site tour
  • 3First interview
    for business presentation and technical evaluation
  • 4Second interview
    for management situation and development potential assessment
  • 5Submission of application form
  • 6Final document review

*(2) and (3) can be conducted at the same time.

Please contact SCL management teams for more detailed information.


SCL is located in a favorable environment with smooth access from both domestic and international locations.

  • 10 minutes from Kobe Airport (by Port Liner)
  • 30 minutes from Kansai International Airport (by Bay Shuttle)
  • 15 minutes from JR Sannomiya Station (by Port Liner)

Port Liner: https://www.knt-liner.co.jp/en/
Bay Shuttle (Kobe - Kansai Airport) :https://www.kobe-access.jp/eng/


Please contact SCL management teams for more detailed information.